Friday, January 4, 2013

Winner #190!

I abit late, bu never the less great! This weeks winner is Vibeke

I just love her take on the sketch, the chrisp white flowers to the crazy cool painted background! Love it! 

 Asil, love the contrast with the title and the photo! The sewing is just so in style! LOL
 Last but not least, I choose this doubble layout from Siv-@nne! Love all the white space, and the rest of the colours work great together!


Vibeke said...

Så moro!! Tusen takk!! :) Stor stas!:)

Grattis til Asil og Siv-Anne også:)

Siv Anne said...

Så koselig start på året :)
Tusen takk
Gratulerer Vibeke og Asil :)