Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sketch # 165

Its sunday, and time for a new sketch.
Linda has made this georgeouss sketch for you.
I love it!!
So fresh and clean.

Followed the sketch, but left out the journaling.

I think I have follwed the sketch pretty close.

Followed the sketch really close, but put the picture instead og journaling.


I have followed the sketch.

I've tried to make half a cirkle with feathers, and placed an additionall cirkel where the journaling is placed. Moved the title a little bit down on the page. So some adjustments are made.

This weeks RAK!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Winners #163!

Vibeke is this weeks winner of sketch #163 with this lovely page packed with flowers, layers og fab details! Love the photo too! 


Rukodelka made this cool page with stunning baground work! Love the simplicity!

 Skorpionen made this beautyful and stunning page, love the sweet colors and the flowers in her hair!

Winner will get this in the post, send me your adress please!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sketch #164

Here in the southern part of Norway we have the first touch of summer today.
Hopefully this inspirer for playing with this sketch made by Lene.
We had much fun with it!

 This sketch gave lots of room for beeing playfull, and I am happy with the result!

I think I followed it close enough:)

I have droped the upper title line on this layout.

I have followed the sketch by placing things in the middle of the page, and having one title over and one under the photo.
I got inspired by the paint and the setup.
I was inspired by the basic design of the sketch and from there added various mediums and layers to build up my page.  Instead of a title above the photo I opted to create a sun off to the side. 
I followed the sketch by using one photo in the middle and title both over and under. Also a got inspired by the paint and I added some elements on the sides.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Winner sketch #162

Thanks for all the beautiful layouts also this week!

The winner this week is Wenche!
We love the pure look, and the beautiful pictures.

Marianne has made this smashing layout. Love all the mist details and the touch of flowers.
 On this layout we love all the stampunk details and the mist. I is fun to see a steampunk layout that's not brown. Thank Gry Anita!

Thanks for all the inspiration girls!
Wenche send us your adress!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Skissedilla sketch #163

End of the weekend and then it's time for a new sketch too. This time made by nabon, hope you will join us and make some scrapbook art!

Elisabeth - Followed the sketch, used 2 photos in stead of 3.
Linda - I made a letter size en flipped the sketch.
Nabon - I have mirrored the sketch, and was also inspired by the colors on this one!
Brit - I have mirrored the sketch, and put the title in another place than the sketch shows.
Carrin - Got inspired by the yellow splatter. Used one photo instead of two.
Mi@ - I've used one standing picture instead of the two small ones, and I've movedthe title to the opposite side.
Arnlaug - I followed the sketch, but put the main title one the other side. I also got inspired by the little bear and the arrow 
Scarlett - This week I've followed the sketch and added lots of bits to dress up the page.
Machiko - followed the sketch pretty good this week!

Here's this weeks scrapbook yummie!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The winner of April!

Our April Selected, Iris, as now chosen the winner of the month.

"This layout really caught my eye. To design a stunning page with so many embellishments is a hard task, but to make one just as stunning with very few well placed embellishments is an even harder feat to accomplish. This layout shows a genuine gift for design and balance."

Congrats to you Elena!
Send us you adress and this RAK will soon be yours :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Top 3 - Sketch 161!!!!

Hi There!  I must say all you ladies make it so hard to choose a winner!!  Such fantabulous creations from everyone!  I really enjoyed going around and admiring all the pages!

The winner of this week's sketch is:

I love how this page is filled with all things Spring!  From the colors to the butterflies, kites to the pictures - makes me happy to see evidence of the new season!!  Love the use of the pill box as an embellishment also!!

This page caught my eye right away with the cut up photo pieced on the page!  Love that.  The colors are magnificent and the canvas accent is gorgeous!

This photo is just the cutest, don't you think??  I love the rich colors and the green paint used for the flowers and drip.  Check out those layers and cute lil' banner - just so pretty!!

Jonna you are the winner of this week's RAK!!! : D  Please send us your mailing info so I can get it out to you!!

Have super days friends!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Selected Scrapper and Sketch #162

New sunday means new sketch, and new month means new Selected Scrapper.
This month we are happy to introduce a well known girl here in Norway:

Hi, my name is Elisabeth, and I am a norwegian scrapbooker. I have three kids, and they are in focus in my every day life, and in my creative life of scrapbooking. They inspire me, and when I document them, I feel like I give them a truely importent gift. It is importent to me; keeping the memories for my family. I have a colorfull home, and I take interest in design and funny details. I love flowers, laughter, wine, people and the free feeling of being me! I guess theese are the things that keeps me inspired and playfull. Also, there is a lot of brilliant scrapbookers in the great bloglandia, and a tour here always give me a boost!

I'm not on a design-team, but I hope to be member of a creative team in the near future.

Scrapbooking is very important to me, and my desk is my playground.

Paint, mist, papers and funny embellishment is my creative outlet!

I am proud to be a part of the Skissedilla-crew in may, and I hope to inspire and be inspired!

The sketch is this week made of Carrin:

To be inspired:

I guess I played quit a bit with the sketch, tilting it and making borders on top and in the bottom. I love how it turned out!Happy scrapping to you too!

Instead of using one photo I decided to use four small ones. Other than that I think I followed along with the sketch pretty well.

Here is my take on this sketch. Followed it to the dot:)

I turned the sketch on the head, otherwise followed it pretty close.

I have mirrored the sketch and turned it one step to the left.

I think I have followed the sketch.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Top 3 (4) from sketch #160

This week I just couldt make up my I had to choose 4 pieces that made a huge impression on me:) I will tell you why.

First up is the winner of sketch #160:

"This was toooooo cute! Look at them photos? "sigh". She is just adorable. Loved the black circles with the splatters and the bright pink and turqoise. Thanks so much for the inspiration!"

"This is art! You made we want to go wayyyyyy out of my comfortzone and make some artsy work. The color combo is divine and so fresh. Cool!"

"You inspire alot of people with this masterpiece! I love how you manage to use so many techniques and still its so clean and crisp:))"

"Your page is full of life! I just love your angle in the picture and the little yellow detail, its SO conducted. Those cute butterflies!"

This weeks RAK goes to Marit! Please send us your adress:))