Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sketch #161

Hi There!  Happy Sunday to you!!  Ready to get your scrap on??! Yes?

Well here is sketch #161, created by the lovely Nabon, to get you started.

Check out what our fabulous selected scrapper and DT created to inspire you!

 Iris (Selected Scrapper)

Linda - I've used 2 picture instead of three. Otherwise I've followed the sketch as close as I could.

 Lula - Followed the sketch.

 Brit - I have followed the sketch by placing things where the sketch shows.

 Scarlett - I dropped the pictures to the bottom of the page.  Instead of using three pictures I replaced one with the wishing well and one with the journaling tag.


 Nabon - This time I have followed the sketch and put on another title above the photo!

mi@ - I've followed the sketch, but this time I've cut out the pictures for the first time! Never thought I would do that!

This week's RAK!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Great news!!

We are so happy to have a new member on our Design Team

We managed to get a hold of Arnlaug, and she will insire you tonns! 

Take a look in her blog and please welcome her to our team!

Top 3 from sketch #159

It`s time for the top3 from sketch #159.  
It was great fun and very inspiring to go through all the beautiful pages.  It`s difficult to decide who to choose, but these three gorgeous layouts is my top 3 this week.

The winner of the RAK this week is 

I love everything about this layout. The yellow color popping up three places on the layout pull the layout together. The rectangles , stitching and the turquoise splats gives the page the little extra and I love the cluster of paper in the middle. And yes I LOVE the photo.

My second choice this week is this gorgeous layout from 
I love the combination of the distress and sweet look. The color combo is so cool and stylish. And look at those eyes, too cute :-)

The third layout is made by 
 It has some very interesting design details like the Washitape stitched on the page , great color combination with the brown, yellow and red.
And yes, I love these photos too :-)

Elena, please send us your address and the this RAK will be yours.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sketch #160

Its sunday! Its time for a new sketch! I hope all of you are feeling artsy today:)

This weeks cool sketch is made by Carrin

(our selected scrapper)

I followed the sketch pretty close

I turned the sketch on the head.

I think I did pretty good this week sticking to the sketch as it is - only moved the title a bit to the side and added lots of goodies to look at!!


I have turned the sketch one step to the right, and gathered my motifs at the right side like it then would had been on the sketch.
I have followed the sketch;)
This weeks RAK to the winner!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

One sad day...

Sometimes in life, there is a small turning point. And unfortunately they are not always pleasant. Having been involved from the start and enjoyed me a lot with these guys now for 3 years sadly I realize that the time is not enough anymore. Continuing education, family and job are eating more and more of my time right now.
So I want to thank you for all the inspiration and joy in these 3 years. There have been wonderful years of joy and laughter and will miss especially the Dilla girls, but also you sweet girls submitting the great contribution week after week.

Hugs HegeAL!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Top 3 from sketch #158

It`s time for the top3 from sketch #158. I really enjoy going through all
the lovely pages you  make : ) It`s difficult to decide who to choose,
but this time I ended up with these three gorgeous layouts:

The winner of the RAK this week is Gry Anita with this lovely steampunk layout.
I love how that sweet girl kind of lies down on all the metal :)
The background is so nice, and I like the colours in it. 
It`s an amazing page. Congratulation, Gry Anita.

The next one that I want to point out is this beautiful page from Anne Gerd.
I really like how you`ve mixed the paper and washi tape to make the 
great background for your photo. And it`s so nice with the cheesecloth
together with the mushrooms. A really nice page, Anne Gerd !

And then I want to highlight this happy layout from Eva.
I really liked the way you have placed the picket fence, hedgehogs and chickenwire
over the photo. It really makes a great effect. Lovely page, Eva.
Congratulation all three of you !!!  

Gry Anita, please send us your adress, and you will get this from us : )

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sketch #159

Sunday and a new sketch! This is the #159, and it's Carrin who has designed it.
Hope you like it and have som fun scrapping this week!

Iris ( our selected scrapper this month )

I think I got all the elements on the sketch this week.

I have tried to follow the sketch pretty close

I kept the orientation of the sketch the same but instead of a large ink splatter I used and extra photo and clustered lots of embellies and details.

Did follow the sketch pretty close.


Followed the sketch pretty good this week!

Followed the sketch :)

Done nothing wrong with the sketch *lol*

And here is this week's RAK

So come on and play with us ! :-)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Winner Sketch # 157

Its not easy to make place for several photos in one layout. I found it almost impossible to be honest..but the way you all made it in the most gorgeous way, made me speechless!

I felt for this one!
Look at this bright at colorful page. Love the painting and all the tiny details.
Congrats to you Randi!!

Aquarell made this stunning page. 
The sun and these pictures reminds me that summer is almost here!

Berit has her own way of making colors and contrast pop out in a perfect way!
Absolutely georgeous!!

Randi, e-mail us your adress and this RAK will soon be yours!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Winners sketch #156

Well Easter is officially done and everday life is back tomorrow. But it shows that spring is approaching fast. Surely not just me who is happy about it :-)
Over the winners :-)

It is all too rare to see a layout with black background. Look how cool it is and how well the colors pop out. I totally fell for this one  made by Cecilie. Beautiful lace napkin under which makes the colors appear even better.

See something so sweet. Truly a creative way to compose pictures. It provides a verycool effect. Beautiful, clean and lovely decoration around the images. Sophie has made ​​this delicious Layout :-)

This is probably a situation all photo moms recognize themselves in. Kids who love to have fun in front of the camera. Every age has it's charm :-) Wonderful to see you play with different techniques and still I recognize your style. Beautiful layout made ​​by Elisabeth.

Cecilie, send us your adress and the RAK will be sent to you :-)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sketch #158

Easter is soon over, and it`s back to normal again.
So enjoy the last days of your holiday ! :)
Here is sketch #158, and I hope you have lots of great pictures
to choose among for this task.

Nabon made this great sketch:
Iris (our selcted scrapper):
"I think I have followed the sketch this week too."
 "The scene with my daughter is made instead of placing one photo on the layout. Otherwise I think I have followed the sketch pretty closely."
"I have been inspired by the size of the picture. I have also made my layout in cluster, 
like the sketch."

"Followed the sketch pretty good this week!"
"I rotated the sketch 90 degrees and fussy cut a picture to replace the car image."
Carrin : 
"I have followed the sketch pretty close I think."

"I've followed the sketch almost to the point, except the title"

And here is this week`s RAK :

So come on and play with us ! :)
Have a great Sunday!