Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sketch #178

Hi everybody, it is sunday and time for a new Skissedilla sketch.
This weeks sketch is designed by Linda and we hope you like it.
A big thank you to Ashli for being our selected scrapper this month!

First out is Ashli

Buckets of Fun

This seemed like an appropriate title for my last sketch as Guest here at Skissedilla as it has indeed been Buckets of Fun! I stayed true to sketch with this one and love how it allowed for lots of fun embellishments and goodies while still getting three photos on the layout. And, of course... lots of twine and doodles finish it off!

Folloved the sketch this week!

I followed the sketch this week.
I have tilted the sketch, turned the title, and used one cut out photo in real Brit style!
This week I had fun stacking up photos of my family as I followed along with the sketch.

Hope you'll have fun playing with this sketch - we sure did!!
You can link up your pages below - wishing everybody a creative week!

Picture of the RAK sponsored by BIKUBEN!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Winner of Sketch #176

Thanks for all the inspiring layouts you out there publish every week!
It's challenging to pick out only a few of them, but we have to try.

The winner this week is...

"We just love this layout! The vintage look on the pictures, the colours, the layers and all the details and the frame! Inspiring!"

We also want to give the following layouts a special place here this week:

"This layout is very cool! Love all the patterns, the text on the picture and the tiny details!"

"The mist on this layout is really cool. Love the theme and the handwriting"
Thanks girls!
Vibeke, send us your adresse:)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sketch # 177

Happy sunday everyone! Finally a sunny weekend here in the west of Norway. Love these sunny, a bit chilli and a bit warm - atumn days:-) Hope everyone are having a great weekend!
Also hope you'll play along with us on this week's stylish sketch created by Carrin.
Can't wait to see what you'll make:-)

Sketch # 177

 First up our fantastic Selected Scrapper's take:
 Ashli -Watch Out for Raccoons

"This layout is more about the story than the photo and I love how this sketch allows for lots of writing room! After adding my strips of paper, staying true to the sketch, some fun little embellishments and lots of doodles complete out the page. Oh, yeah - some messy stitching doesn't hurt either!"

 Lula - Make a wish
"I pretty much followed the sketch"

Broggis - Bad boy

" I think I have followed the sketch pretty close ;) "

 Brit - She is so cute
" I have followed the sketch. Just made the elements bigger ;) "

 Carrin - On the top

"Followed the sketch!"

Arnlaug - Den store verden

"I followed the sketch:-)"

 Hope you'll have tons of fun playing with this sketch - we sure did!!
You can link up your pages below - have a great week!

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Winners Sketch #175!

This is just the most difficult thing about dooing the blog, pick 3 winners...but here we go!

The first winner from sketch #175 is Anskin, and she will get the RAK in the post from Bikuben!!! Congrats!

Send us your post adress by mail, so we can sendt you som scrapbooking snack!

This layout I just LOVE!! The colors, the detailed cut outs, the photos and... well I just LOVE this!
 Next up is Lynnda!! Love the fun,and colorful style! Great photos, and love the pain/stamp job!! Congrats to you too!
 Last but not least is Marthe! This is just so much fun, love the funny photos, the paint and the title! Congrats to you too!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Skissedilla sketch#176

New sunday and new sketch!
Here in Norway are the days shorter, and the fall stomrs invites for in door activities like playing with paper. Hope YOU will play with us!
This weeks sketch is designed by Carrin.

"I enjoy using 12x12 photographs for intro and divider pages in my albums. This sketch was perfect for that! I was so inspired by the square and rectangular shapes at the edges of the page, that I grabbed my scraps and got to work!"

"Got inspired by the square."
"I have been inspired by the setup!"
" Followed the sketch real close this week"
"Followed the sketch, but used 4 pictures instead of 1 and moved the title to the middle and added some journaling in the title spot."

"This week I've been a good girl and followed the sktch pretty close!" 

"I  have tried to follow the sketch with a different picture"

"This week I followed the sketch adding in bits to make it my own."

Bikuben has sponsored a RAK for the winner.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sketch #174 Top Three

Hey there friends!!  Such wonderful creations to go through this week - all you talented ladies make it so hard to choose favorites!!!  I loved them all for so many reasons - thanks so much for playing along and inspiring us as well!

Onto this week's Top Three!!

Winner: Maakari  

I adore the sweetness of this page - from the photo framed with the heart to the beautiful paper and bits - gorgeous!!
Please send us an email so we can get your prize sent out to you!!

Next up: Emmo 

I really love all the different elements on this page - so many little treasure tucked here and there! 
And we have: Linda 

The summery colors and fantabulous texture of this page caught my attention - not wanting summer to be gone this page is a beautiful reminder we can still scrap the warmth!!
Thank you to everyone playing along this week - looking forward to seeing what you create for sketch #175!! :D

Monday, September 10, 2012

The winner of August

Yasmin has been our Selected scrapper for August! She has given us SO much inspiration and eyecandy;) Now she has seen through all the contributions of August and chosen a winner: 

"I chose this amazing layout by Kelly Foster. I absolutly LOOOVE the colors on this piece! It just pops of the page. Love the embellishment and the fact that you really can't see what's embellishement or whats on the patteren paper. Fantastic! and such a cuuute girl! :) Congratulations Kelly! :)"

Please send us your adress Kelly and you will get this georgeous price from Yasmin!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sketch #175!

Autumn is upon us here in Norway and it's just around the corner before we can see all the beautiful colors this season has to offer:-) This season is perfect for baking applepies and cuddeling under the blankets with your loved ones. Hope it will be a nice fall and not just all about wind and rain;-)

Now on to this week's colorful sketch created by Nabon:

Sketch # 175

 First up our fantastic Selected Scrapper's take:

 Ashli - Ready or not
"I stayed pretty true to the sketch as it was perfect for these wallet sized picts of my little one at the dentist for the first time. The gorgeous splatters from the sketch inspired my choice of patterned paper and my ink and gesso background."

 Lula - Smiles
" I followed the sketch, but I used 1 photo"

 Brit - My story
 " I have gathered things in the middle of the page, just like the sketch.
And just added a little piece on the left side ;) "

 Linda - Vi elsker lapper
"I followed the sketch, but used 5 pictures ."

 Arnlaug - Nesten havfrue
" This week I got cought up by all the colors in the sketch. Followed it pretty close but added some elements on the bottom right side. I also only used one photo."

 Hope you'll have tons of fun playing with this sketch - we sure did!!
You can link up your pages below - have a great week!

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