Sunday, May 6, 2012

Selected Scrapper and Sketch #162

New sunday means new sketch, and new month means new Selected Scrapper.
This month we are happy to introduce a well known girl here in Norway:

Hi, my name is Elisabeth, and I am a norwegian scrapbooker. I have three kids, and they are in focus in my every day life, and in my creative life of scrapbooking. They inspire me, and when I document them, I feel like I give them a truely importent gift. It is importent to me; keeping the memories for my family. I have a colorfull home, and I take interest in design and funny details. I love flowers, laughter, wine, people and the free feeling of being me! I guess theese are the things that keeps me inspired and playfull. Also, there is a lot of brilliant scrapbookers in the great bloglandia, and a tour here always give me a boost!

I'm not on a design-team, but I hope to be member of a creative team in the near future.

Scrapbooking is very important to me, and my desk is my playground.

Paint, mist, papers and funny embellishment is my creative outlet!

I am proud to be a part of the Skissedilla-crew in may, and I hope to inspire and be inspired!

The sketch is this week made of Carrin:

To be inspired:

I guess I played quit a bit with the sketch, tilting it and making borders on top and in the bottom. I love how it turned out!Happy scrapping to you too!

Instead of using one photo I decided to use four small ones. Other than that I think I followed along with the sketch pretty well.

Here is my take on this sketch. Followed it to the dot:)

I turned the sketch on the head, otherwise followed it pretty close.

I have mirrored the sketch and turned it one step to the left.

I think I have followed the sketch.

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