Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy new year! And happy news :)

We wish you all a creative and good year :)

Hooray, hooray!!!!
We have some really great news for you ;
We have got three new amazing DT members! 
And we are so happy to finally tell you :)
You can read all about them here, and remember to keep following
us to see all the great stuff they`re making.
We have Maria and Sascha, a married couple, from Austria.
And Laetitia from France.

2010 I had left my native Bavaria, with my two daughters (15 and 12), my husband and our common daughter (two and a half year) to get me to embark on a new and exciting journey. Life in a blended family. Since we live in the home of my husband, in Vorarlberg /Austria.
I have always been creative and I've always written diary. I love colors, paper and this was always something special for me to keep my reminders. I love it when creativity flows in me and I can life it. When I met my husband, my life has got a completely new direction and my creativity has evolved. It was a new experience for me to share it with my husband and I enjoy it still, again, every day. It is a very special gift in my life. I am a scrapbooker and mixed media Artist, with heart and soul. It is very important for me to keep all the important reminders write to memory and to keep them tight. But only scrapbooking is not enough for me. I like to experiment with all kinds of materials. There is nothing I do not like to try out. I like all styles. Except kitschy or cute, childlike. I am a Buddhist and working on me to become a better person. That's a big part of my life that nourishes my creativity and inspiration
It is a great pleasure and honor for me to be able to rock out with this great team!

Who am I? My name is Sascha Schmidt and together with my loving wife Maria I live in Rankweil, a beautiful province of Vorarlberg in Austria, in the heart of the Alps. Together we have three daughters, ages 12, 14 and a two and half years and are a typical blended family. Oh, our cat Gypsy and some house spiders, much to the delight of our youngest daughter Paula are, of course, part to the family. When I'm not wallowing in the world of paper, paste and color, I try to take time for photography - here I've already turned my hobby into a profession. My main focus is with my wife and our common and youngest daughter Paula with whom I prefer to spend my time. I grew up in the mountains and nature. That's inspiration for me and above all, a place to relax and re-energize. And that I need in my daily work as a reporter and editor image that occupies a lot of my time.
Scrapbooking I learned 5 years ago by Mary know. She took me to the taste and imagined all kinds of materials and shown how I can apply it. She was and is my mentor. I've always been very creative but with scrapbooking and mixed media I have found a new outlet for my desire to be creative. Since I share this hobby, I prefer to call it art, with Maria. There is something very special as a couple standing together in the studio to work, exchange ideas and learn from each other. As I said I dedicate the next scrapbooking and the mixed-media art, which is close to my heart.  Here I can various other items that do not fit on a LO. I can touch, explore and then process them.


Hi! My name is Laetitia and i live in France with my Husband 
and my two Kids Léa 8 years and Maxime 21 Month. 
I have a lot of animals ( I am a Happy Farmergirl
hihi) : 1 dog, 1 cat, 2 rabbits, 2 fishs and a lot of hens :)
I scrap since 7 years! I love to create my crazy layouts :)
Thank you The skissedilla Team for the Trust they gives me!!!!

We are so excited about these three new members. 
They make the most fabulous pages.

Welcome to our team, Laetitia, Maria and Sascha! 

Take a look at their great blogs to get to know them better :)


Lizzy Hill said...

Wow! What FANTASTIC additions to your team...I have seen work by all 3 of these designers - & they're all FABULOUS...congrat's guys, & enjoy your time at Skiss:):):)

Anonymous said...

Hallo Maria&Sascha,
schön Euch nun auch bei Skissedilla dabei zu haben.

stor Klem fra Sabrina ;)

Céline said...

ahaha GREAT JOB, my dear Laetitia! Will follow you here ;-)
bisous xoxo

c.m said...

Congrats you three! I already know Laetitia and I love her art. I must say it's a big surprise to see a couple sharing scrapbooking as a hobby, it might be great!

Marjo (dans ma bulle...) said...

héhéhé!! Bravo Laetitia!

zenevak said...

Congratulations on all three becoming part of the team! I SO LOVE all of their work and find them all very inspiring with their own distinct style. I'm SO happy to see them all join this site! What a FABULOUS addition!