Saturday, April 6, 2013


Oh yes, we have some winners for you! A bunch of great takes on the last week sketch! Good job!
As said in our birthdaypost we will give all three winners a gift this week :)

Thank you Vildastamps, for sponsing us this week!

First one up is this georgeouss one by Ali!
We love your bright and full of different papers style like this one.
Next one up is Gunn-Elin! 
Love the colors at this one,
 and the two photos on top of each other makes the perfect match.

Last but not least, elroxy -colors like these makes me want to sing!!
Love it :)

Please e-mail us your adress and a set of great Vildastamps will soon be yours.


Jurgita EnglishTeacher said...

congratulations , girls! :)

Giorgia Rossini said...

congrat ladies, I know that Ali was a winner, her page was one of my favourite too.
... winner of 202?! I think you didn't announce it :)

Unknown said...

Oh my what a lovely surprise :0) Thank you so much for picking mine!!

Michelle Looi said...

Congratulations all! Stunning work!