Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sketch #197

Matching the Ski World Championships in Schladming we had here in Vorarlberg/Austria also a lot of snow! Isn't it beautiful to walk through the snowy woods and landscapes? I love it!

Today we delight you with a sketch of the great Lene!

Our selected scrapper Kelly:

From the Flying Unicorn:


and  Jackie: 

 SaschaI have turned the sketch by ninety degrees and pulled the photos apart.

Lula: I pretty much followed the sketch. I used one picture, instead of three:))

 ScarlettThis week I used one photo instead of three, used the element already printed on the patterned paper (colored it in) for where the title should be, and placed my title 
where the journaling spot was on the sketch. 

Carrin: I followed the sketch

 Linda: Followed the sketch, but replaced the journaling with the title.

Mi@: My take on this sketch. I followed it pretty closely, exept from the pictures where I choosed one instead of three pics.

Also this week expected the winner a great gift! Flying Unicorn provides a $ 25 voucher!


Anonymous said...

I Think just Kelly and Linda made eheir LO correctly / pardon for my english/
other LO are very beautifull? but I dont see the scetch

Valia Katzaki said...

Love the sketch! Maybe I should give it a go...

Mell Pell Mell said...

Sascha's LO is great!... as always)))