Saturday, March 24, 2012

Winners Sketch #154!

Sorry I'm late!!

Here are the winners of sketch #154!

First up, and the one to get some snacks in the mail is Helena!

I just love the paint job, the photo and the little details! Great title, and the staming just works!
Send me your adress please!

Next up is Arnlaug!
Just a great photo, and I love the posing here! Fun stamps and love the paint rings!
Final girl is Kristine!
Love the simle layout, the dotted paper and the cool photo! The paint job is just great!
Winners price sketch #154! Sponsored by Papirdesign!


Arnlaug said...

Å takk så mykje for at eg blei plukka ut:-)

Congrats to Helena as the winner. Beautiful layout!

And also concrats to Kristine:-)

Helena Virpi said...

Thank you so much!!!!

Congrats also to Arnlaugh and Kristine!!