Sunday, November 6, 2011

SUS #136

November er her, mildere enn vanlig tør jeg påstå. I trøndelag nyter vi temperaturer på 13-14 grader. Kan ikke klage da. Eneste er at det blir så innmari mørkt uten snøen..
Vi har en ny SUS på lager til dere. Felicity skal være med oss denne måneden. Hun er ei superdyktig dame og ha helt utrolig flotte LOer å dele med dere. Dette sier hun om seg selv:

Hi, I am Felicity Wilson, live a small country town in central Queensland. A stay at home Mummy,  a mother to 2 gorgeous little boys (yes biased too!!), Brae and Piper, and married to a wonderful husband, Brett. I love dealing with the little things that life throws at us, because that generally means I have a story to tell  with my scrap page.
I true hard to have that 'tunnel vision' with house work so that I can get messy hands as often as I can.
Now  my style - I really have no idea but often people can say 'that's a Felicity page'. I  love layers, clusters, paints, sprays, inks and bit white space.
I love this hobby not just for the craft, but for the awesome people online and wonderful journeys scrapping takes me.
I do find myself always making lists because I am orgainsed kinda girl, cooking way to many cupcakes, being a doctor bandaids and a kiss make it better, cleaning that mud that has just come off someones boots, mechanic because sellotape fixes everything, counselor, all those tears fixed with a quick Mummy talk and hug, financial adviser - forever answering "can I have this Mummy?" - So I guess that means to I  juggle a lot to able to be creativity as much as I can.
Feel so special, honored and humble to be an guest designer here!

Ukens skisse designet av vår kjære Carrin!









Felicity sponser denne nydelige RAKen til månedens vinner for November :-)

Fristen er som alltid søndag om ei uke kl.22.00 :-)


Ann-Katrin said...

Herlig skisse, flotte DT-bidrag og ikke minst gratulerer med nok en flott SUS!

webmosterhelene said...

Underbar skiss och fantastiska tolkningar!!

Blossom inch said...

all layouts are very beautiful!