Saturday, September 18, 2010

Månedens gjestedesigner og skissedillaskisse #78

Denne måneden har vi vært så heldige å få med oss en fantastisk flott og kreativ dame!

Her får hun presentere seg selv:

Hi. I’m Trina. I live in Auckland, New Zealand.

I have recently celebrated my 9th wedding anniversary to my friend and husband Andy. We have 3 children. Twins Matt and Sarah and Daniel born 2.5 years later. We live in the middle of NZ’s largest city, but are lucky to have a large backyard filled with vege gardens, chickens and our children playing.

I was introduced to scrapbooking when I was pregnant with Matt and Sarah, but didn’t start properly until they were sleeping through the night and things had settled down a bit. I love the freedom that scrapping gives me to explore my artistic side, at the same time as working through feelings and stories that belong to my family and I.

I love to create sketches and have done so on my blog for several years.

5 Things I’m addicted to:

I think or do something related to scrapbooking every day. It’s a lovely way to relax and take a walk through my memories. It’s also allowed me to make some wonderful friends. And challenge myself in a professional capacity.

I adore sweet things. But recently realised it wasn’t so good for me and had to stop using it. The withdrawals weren’t pleasant! Grin.

I used to do a lot of long distance events, then had children and kind of ‘let myself go’. This year, one of my goals was to get fit again. It’s been a fantastic experience, and I’ve realised just how much I need exercise in my life.

I love cups of tea. Oh my goodness. I can’t go a day without one.

Living in NZ means we live a very long way from the rest of the world. As such we have a pretty good, but sheltered life and I love going to new countries to see how they live, learn about their culture. See what else is ‘out there’ in this wonderful world of ours.

5 Scrappers that inspire me:
Not only a friend but an incredible scrapping teacher and craft person. Rachel creates the most beautiful LO’s using texture and dimension. And is amazing with altered items.
I love Stacy’s style. The use of crochet in her work is so pretty and feminine. She is an incredible scrapbooker.
I’ve known Nic for several years now, and she has always inspired me with her story telling and use of colour.
I love Karola’s use of pastels and unique designs. Simply stunning.
Janines style is so beautiful. She can create LO’s about boys or girls and make them all stand out. I love her use of bright colours too.
There are so many amazing scrappers in the world. These are just a few that jumped to mind immediately.

Design Teams I’m a member of:

Prima Flower Girls:
Dusty Attic (
Addicted to Craft (
Creative Scrappers (

Trinas lekre skisse:
Her er Trinas flotte bidrag:

Og her er våre:)






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Marianne/skorpionen said...

Herlig artikkel og skisse! Samt flotte bidrag fra dere alle!
Nå har jeg forsøkt å lest meg til hvordan jeg skal lagre og håper jeg har fått det til denne gangen. *svimmel*